8 Types of Input Fields that GS2Web SaaS Calculator Supports !

8 Types of Input Fields that GS2Web SaaS Calculator Supports !

GS2Web SaaS Calculator framework supports many types of input fields  . This post explains all about the input fields like-Text input,Number input,Select type,Radio type,Range type, Group button,Group box type. Following images are self explanatory !

Calculator Template Sheet -Input Types

How input fields look on Web Calculator?

1.Text Type Input Field 
When you select Text Type in , the field lets user insert TEXT or Text with numbers as well.
2.Number Type Input Field
As is obvious , the filed lets the number as input.
3.Select Type Input Field
Select type lets you create a Dropdown of options. There are two ways to create a drop down of the data. 
  1. Write Options data with a comma (,) sepeartor  . For example , to create a drop down of Weekdays, you can write like - Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday , ..like wise.     OR,
  2. Write all data in a columns and just write Data Range  like  , say we write in Column L , Monday to Sunday . So the range is L1: L7. So, if you just write L1:L7  in Data column of calculator template, the web calculator will show a dropdown from Monday to Sunday !
4. Check Box Input Type
You you need to create a check box for some data, this input type should be selected . You need to write Option1,Option2, Option 2 ,,,, the web calculator will have a check box inout with those options.
5. Range Input Type 
If you want to give a user a slider for choosing a value , you can use Range input type . For example , say you want users to chose a value between 1 to 100 , then in the Data column , you write 1,100,1 which means , 1, is the minimum value ,100 is max value , the slider will move by 1.

6.Radio Input Type

Similar to Select Input Type , when you want users to chose only one out of many options , you can write the options , separated by a comma (,) , and the web calculator will have a Radio input type field with those options.
7. Group Button Input Type
You can represent as SELECT input type or RADIO input type  or a more fancy button type , when you select Group Button . For example , if you need to give users to say Yes, No or two to three option, just select Group Button and in the Data Column , write options with comma separation. For example, Yes, No . On the web calculator , a group of button will appear with Yes, No .

Group Button is also very helpful when you want to conditionally hide some input fields . Please read "How to hide input fields conditionally ?"
8. Group Box Input Type
Group Box input type basically not a field , but it groups various input fields . You will need this to give a good user interface and more communicative calculator's input fields . fr example , if you create tax calculators, there are many inputs for a particular type of conditions . Then first select a row , give a title and select Group Box as input type. After that whichever input fields will be written , it will be grouped with Title you gave for Group Box. 

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